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Volunteer Opportunities

Working with Mountain Roots is rewarding, educational, and - most of all -  fun.

Mountain Roots  recruits and seeks a diverse staff of the highest caliber through a  nondiscriminatory, fair and open process. Diversity and inclusion is an ongoing organizational practice and a core value of Mountain Roots with the goal of having culturally competent services, materials, resources and programs.  Our hiring practices are informed by an appreciation of the strengths offered by differing cultures, races, religions, ethnicities, classes, sexual orientation, physical capacities, and age groups.


  1.       Salary and stipends commensurate with experience.

  2. Access to Professional Development opportunities including conferences, workshops, and training in areas of job-related interests: environmental studies, ecology, organic and urban gardening, childhood outdoor education, and more.

  3. Seasonal schedule with opportunities for reduced winter hours

  4. Organic produce and flowers grown in our gardens

  5. Participating in a “Life is Learning” model where we share what we know and we learn as we grow.

  6. The opportunity to work, learn, inspire, and be inspired alongside dedicated people in a beautiful organic gardens for a unique nonprofit in a unique community!

We define fairness as affording employees respect, courtesy, equal treatment and opportunities,  a forum to seek redress of grievances, and the opportunity to improve poor performances prior to discharge.



Mountain Roots offers one two-year fellowship to an exceptional graduate student in the WSCU MEM program. Incoming students in the 2018 -20 cohort are eligible to apply. In a unique learning experience, MEM Grad students work in with community partners to design a graduate project that provides and educational challenge and has real-world applications.


Community Farm + Food SystemsFellowship_2018-19.pdf

WSCU MEM Program >


[click title to view full job description and how to apply]

Environmental Educator / Youth Garden Coordinator  (2) 
Manage the educational garden at Crested Butte Community School or Gunnison Community School, including start-to-finish growing season, direct teaching, and developing EE in sustainable agriculture, food and nutrition, food security, and conservation.  Approx. 25-30 hrs per week.   March - October.

Summer Environmental Educator  (2)
Direct teaching of outdoor EE summer programs in sustainable agriculture, food and nutrition, food security, and conservation.  Approx. 20-24 hrs per week.  June - August, $12-14 / hr DOE.


compensation varies with position - see descriptions

Environmental Educator Summer Teaching Internship 2018 (2)
PAID. Direct teaching, organic food production, and developing EE in sustainable agriculture, food and nutrition, food security, and conservation under mentorship of  our experienced Environmental Educators.  24 hours per week from June 1 - Aug 15, 2018.

download an application for the EE Summer Teaching Internship>

Community Farm Internship  (2 openings)
PAID, with housing.  Dig deeper into the basics of small scale sustainable agriculture, scaling up organic food production, building links to food security and environmental education. Options to move into leadership roles.  Full season commitment with stipend, credit, and housing. 
 download the  Farm Internship Application >

Backyard Harvest Internship  (1)
 STIPEND.  Lead this innovative food rescue / food donation program that builds community food security, self-sufficiency, and promotes neighbors helping neighbors, and community health.
Our 2018 Positions will be posted March 30 
download BYH 2017 Application >

Community Food Systems Internship 2017  (1)
Become an active participant in the local food system to help Gunnison Valley community discover the barriers and opportunities faced by growers, retailers / restaurants, low-income or underserved residents, distribution networks, education, and more. Help to develop pro-active community-based solutions.
OPEN for 2018.  We accept applications on a rolling basis.
Download Food Systems Intern Application >

Business Venture Internship (1)
Join a think tank and under mentorship of established entrepreneurs, create, test,  and launch a sustainable business start-up.   
OPEN for 2018.  We accept applications on a rolling basis.

Marketing-Communications Internship (1)
Develop an innovative social media campaign, create a short video, or design and launch a radio show with an environmental focus.
Perfect for a talented person who has an idea to try in the real world.
OPEN for 2018.  We accept applications on a rolling basis.

Farm to School Program Intern (1)
Interns select a focus area of Local Foods or Environmental Education. Develop and coordinate efforts for projects in youth environmental education such as: educational gardens, local food in school meals, taste testing, gust chefs, farm field trips, and more. Help develop strategic long-term plan with school district. Work with kids.  
 download application >
OPEN for 2018.  We accept applications on a rolling basis.

- up to 3 credits through Western State Colorado University ENVS
up to $250 per credit hour  reimbursement upon completion of internship
intern experience qualifies intern to apply for $5,000 Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholarship

[see descriptions for how to apply]
please note:  applications vary by position

Not the right fit for you?  
Check out or volunteer positions at right >> 
There are so many ways to get involved with Mountain Roots. Find something that’s right up your alley and make a difference today!Employment_Opportunities___Mountain_Roots_Food_Project_files/Mountain%20Roots%20-%20Environmental%20Ed%20Summer%20Internship%20Description%202018.pdfEmployment_Opportunities___Mountain_Roots_Food_Project_files/Mountain%20Roots%20Environmental%20Educator%20Summer%20Teaching%20Internship%202018_Application.docxEmployment_Opportunities___Mountain_Roots_Food_Project_files/Community%20Farm%20Internship%20Description.pdfEmployment_Opportunities___Mountain_Roots_Food_Project_files/Community%20Farm%20Internship%20Application.docxEmployment_Opportunities___Mountain_Roots_Food_Project_files/Mountain%20Roots%20Backyard%20Harvest%20Internship%202017_Application.docxEmployment_Opportunities___Mountain_Roots_Food_Project_files/Community%20Food%20Systems%20Internship%202017.pdfEmployment_Opportunities___Mountain_Roots_Food_Project_files/Mountain%20Roots_Community%20Food%20Systems%20Internship_2015_Application.docxEmployment_Opportunities___Mountain_Roots_Food_Project_files/Mountain%20Roots_2015%20Business%20Venture%20Internship.pdfEmployment_Opportunities___Mountain_Roots_Food_Project_files/Mountain%20Roots_2015%20PR-Marketing-Communications%20Internship.pdfEmployment_Opportunities___Mountain_Roots_Food_Project_files/Mountain%20Roots_Farm%20to%20School%20Program%20Intern_Position_2017.pdfEmployment_Opportunities___Mountain_Roots_Food_Project_files/Mountain%20Roots_F2S%20Intern_Application.docxhttp://www.sodexofoundation.org/hunger_us/scholarships/scholarships.asphttp://www.sodexofoundation.org/hunger_us/scholarships/scholarships.aspEmployment_Opportunities___Mountain_Roots_Food_Project_files/Mountain%20Roots_Living%20Classroom%20Environmental%20Educator%20Position_2015.pdfshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2shapeimage_5_link_3shapeimage_5_link_4shapeimage_5_link_5shapeimage_5_link_6shapeimage_5_link_7shapeimage_5_link_8shapeimage_5_link_9shapeimage_5_link_10shapeimage_5_link_11shapeimage_5_link_12

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rewarding ways to help Mountain Roots with time commitments that suit your lifestyle

Events Committee

- 2 hrs/ month

- plan fun parties including benefit concert, Feast in the Field, and Taste & Sips cocktail parties

Eco-Challenge Coordinator

  1. -a school-based event for K-5 students to complete eco-deeds during the month of April.

Finance Committee 1 opening

- 1-2 hrs/ month

-assist in setting and meeting the budget, tracking expenses for the organization

Fundraising & Development  1 opening

- develop and coordinate a comprehensive business underwriting program that generates revenue for the organization and provides tangible benefits to businesses

e-mail us if you’re interested in any of these positions >



Through a partnership with Conservation Legacy and the Bridge Network, Mountain Roots offers two full-time, year-round position for an Americorps VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) member.  VISTAs work to build capacity for organizations and break the cycle of poverty.  Positions begin in February of each year. Applications typically open in December of each year.

March start date:  OPEN, accepting applications

Fundraising, Events, and Outreach Coordinator_2018 VISTA>

August start date:  will be posted in June.

We are hoping to expand the number of positions we offer. If you are interested in serving, please reach out to find out where we are in this process.


Conservation Legacy’s Americorps VISTA >





Community Food Systems Graduate Fellowship_2018-19

accepting applications through March 23

Environmental Education Summer Teaching Internship

accepting applications through April 20