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Gifts that make a Difference .

Start a cycle of positive change by helping others this holiday season. When you give to Mountain Roots, the giving spirit grows exponentially with each person it impacts. Choose a meaningful gift for loved one that can help children and families in Gunnison Valley build self-sufficiency, food security, and preserve the natural environment we love.


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we make donations of every size have a BIG impact

With in-kind donations and 5,000+ volunteer hours each year, Mountain Roots triples the value of every dollar we receive.

Give Where Needed Most

When you donate to Mountain Roots Food Project, you’re giving the people of Gunnison Valley the knowledge to grow their own food, and an understanding of how food choices affect the health of individuals, our community, the economy, and the environment.

You’re giving garden space for children, low-income residents, and seniors to  learn to grow their own food and be active stewards of the environment. You’re providing education for people of all walks of life to understand the magic of the seed-to-table experience. You’re helping to preserve the natural environment we love through support of organic, sustainable food production.

A donation to Mountain Roots is an inspiring gift of self-sufficiency — a gift that truly keeps on giving.  A donation to our general fund enables us to decide when and where to make the biggest long-term impact.

$10     $25      $50      $100      $250      $500      $1,000 and up


Giving Garden Starter Box                                                                                       share $50  |  $250 full

Your gift provides a family all the tools and knowledge they need to grow nutritious, organic vegetables in our Giving Garden at Bill’s Park, a space dedicated for seniors and low-income gardeners. When you donate a garden, you enable families to learn to support themselves with a healthy, balanced diet. Your gift includes:

   -  ten packets of organic seeds

   -  two dozen seedlings, varieties selected for cold-climate food production

   -  raised bed in the Giving Garden

   -  organic fertilizer, mulch, water

   -  weekly training in organic growing techniques


Art in the Garden                                                                                     $50 pedestal  |  $150  garden

Designed as living works of art themselves, Mountain Roots gardens can also provide a natural setting to display medium to large scale works of art. We’re installing pedestals in all of our gardens to provide a curated venue for artists to exhibit their work on a seasonal basis.  Promote the ongoing exchange of culture, art, ideas with your gift. 


Fresh Harvest Box                                                                                              share $25  |  full  $50

We believe everyone should have have access to fresh, nutritious food, so over 50% of the food we grow is donated. Harvest boxes provide a boost of nutrition that includes choices like whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables to promote health and wellness. Distributed weekly throughout the growing season, your gift helps to provide a fresh, local, organic food to  families in need. 


Native Pollinator Box                                                                                                            $50

With over 4,000 species, native (solitary) bees outshine imported honeybees as key pollinators for native flowers like penstemon as well as blossoming herbs like lavender and thyme. Your gift helps reverse bee population decline naturally by providing pollinator housing and a dozen native high-altitude perennials to attract them.

Berry Bushes & Fruiting Shrubs                                                                                                     $40

Your gift will add a berry bush or fruiting shrub, like raspberry, goji, or currant, to one of our community gardens. Planting native bushes and shrubs in the perimeter of a garden helps boost the sustainability of a landscape and increases biodiversity. Bushes and shrubs attract a wide variety of wildlife including mammals, birds, and butterflies. Plus, every one should experience the simple, tasty joy of picking and eating a fresh raspberry.


Birds, Butterflies, & Bees                                                                              share $25   |   full $250

When gardens are furnished with nectar-rich flowering plants, nest boxes, water sources, and plants that provide berries and seeds, painted ladies, swallows, and other winged visitors will drop by regularly, bringing beauty and motion with them.

This gift includes one birdhouse, one native pollinator box, one dozen flowering perennials, and three fruiting shrubs designed to attract specific species.

Children’s Garden                                                                                                     share $250  |  $2,500 full

Your gift supports an educational garden specifically designed for children. In our youth gardens, kids take and active role in designing, planting, maintain, and harvesting. These rich, hands-on experiences make learning come alive. Kids learn about growing and enjoying nutritious foods, and about cooperation, biology, ecology, and much more. Our living classroom designs also include student art, wind chimes, bird baths, willow domes, water features, and other magical elements that inspire creativity and encourage children to be at home in the natural world.  

* contact us to discuss naming opportunities


Kids Cook!                                                                                                                    student  $25   |   class  $300

As middle schoolers gain more independence, they need skills to make healthy eating and active lifestyle choices easy. Kids Cook! teaches kids how to plan and prepare fresh, fun, and delicious meals and snacks, plus basic cooking skills and essential nutrition education. Your gift provides fresh, organic ingredients and a skilled instructor for weekly after school classes that send kids home energized and ready to cook!  

Grow Lab                                                                                                                              share  $75   |  full  $750

Getting a head start on the season is essential for cold-climate growing. After students create a planting plan, they can start seedlings in classrooms while snow continues to fall outside. Kids can monitor the progress of their plants and prepare them for transplanting when the snow melts. To raise 1,000+ seedlings to fill our youth gardens, we need four grow labs per school.


Farm Field Trip                                                                                                         student $25  |  class $300

A farm or garden visit that explores how food is grown and how animals are raised is an ideal way for children to understand and connect with where their food comes from. Children come away from farm field trips forever connected to local food and farms. 


Guest Chef                                                                                                  student $20  | class  $250

When a guest chef visits an elementary classroom, children experience the transformation of a food in the raw, like tomatoes, milk, and flour, becoming food that we eat, like pizza. Kids taste test new foods and get finger-licking hands-on learning from experts in nutrition…. memorable and delicious!

Fruit Tree                                                                                                              Tree $50  |  Mini Orchard  $250

Planting a fruit tree is a forever gift that provides food for people, shelters wildlife, cleans the air, and builds healthy soils.  With  your help, we’re building mini-orchard of hardy, cold-climate fruits in our youth gardens.

Roots & Shoots                                                                                                 one day $40   |  one week  $120

With a garden as the classroom, young people entering kindergarten through 6th grades explore, play, and learn through a variety of hands-on, minds-on activities that increase their awareness and appreciation of the natural environment. Your gift will send a child to summer camp who might not be able to afford it.


Cooking Matters                                                                                                   share $50  |  full course $500

Families who don’t have enough to eat often rely on handouts from relief organizations, and often stretch federal support food dollars by buying cheap foods with empty calories. Our answer is to provide low-income families with skills they need to shop and cook healthy on a food-stamp budget. Cooking Matters is a free, six-week course led by a trained chef and nutritionist. Participants learn how to plan and prepare a healthy meal for four on a $10 budget, including ingredient label reading, shopping. budgeting, basic nutrition, and fundamental cooking skills.  Adults and teens take home a bag of groceries after each class so they can practice the recipes with their families.

Senior’s Garden Gift Box                                                                                                      $75

Your gift gives a senior in our community the space and opportunity to grow their own fresh, organic food. In addition to nutrition, gardening has many benefits for the elderly. It increases physical activity, mobility and flexibility. Gardening connects them to nature, which reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and promotes relaxation.

Sensory Garden                                                                                                            share $250  |  full $1,000
A sensory garden provides an intimate space that invites children to experience plants and natural spaces through all five senses. With specially selected plants and design elements, like fluttering silks, wind chimes, or water features, a sensory garden immerses visitors in fragrances, sounds, colors, textures, and movement. Sensory gardens are designed with special needs children in mind, but are loved and used by all. It is relaxing and therapeutic, it enhances creativity, and can help support concepts and curriculum taught in the classrooms. Give the gift of this special place to your community.

contact us to discuss naming opportunities