Rock Creek Community Garden   [coming soon ??]

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About This New Project

Located at the Gunnison Community Center and next to the Youth Garden, the new 2,700 square foot Garden will convert unused public land into a sustainably managed food production garden serving all Gunnison residents, with a focus on seniors, youth, and residents of the adjacent Rock Creek affordable housing development. The garden will utilize, teach, and promote organic, sustainable growing techniques, offering all residents access to local food and opportunities to strengthen life skills, build connections within the community, build valley-wide food security, improve community green spaces, foster a unique sense of place, and become citizen stewards.

Programming for Seniors

Studies show a combination of moderate physical activity and increased consumption of fruit and vegetables has been reported to dramatically reduce an older adult’s risk for many chronic diseases. Besides walking, gardening has been reported as “the second most common leisure activity” among the 65 and up crowd. This garden is adjacent to the youth garden providing increased opportunities for inter-generational experiences. The Gunnison community is need of a larger scale production based community garden and this project would serve to grow food for families, low-income populations, students, and many others.  The long-term design for the location includes a greenhouse, shade structure, and stocked pond.

Planned Expansion

The City of Gunnison Parks & Recreation Dept. will continue to provide in-kind services, land, and materials. Mountain Roots will continue to provide oversight, coordination, plot management, and training. The expansion plan includes additional raised beds, perennial beds, an educational or rehabilitative space, a gathering space, and more.

Plot Rentals

We plan to have 24   4 x 16 raised beds available for seasonal rental. The cost is $30 and includes water.  All gardeners participate in a combined pre-season, mid-season, and end-of-season workday, and agree to contribute to the care of shared resources such as the compost bin, watering, walkways, etc. Seniors are given first choice of plots.

Please   e-mail us  > if you are interested in gardening here.

‘Common Ground’  Shared Plots

At the Rock Creek Community Garden, we also have one GIANT  “Common Ground” plot.  Our Common Ground plot is a much larger area, intensively planted, and cultivated collectively by the group. This method is perfect for people who are new the gardening, who may do a lot of traveling during the growing season, who would like to learn new techniques, or who would like to enjoy higher crop yields for their effort and time. The Common Ground space is also used for workshops, classes, and leadership training. A portion of food from the Common Ground is donated.

Gardening Here

This garden is open to everyone.  Please contact us  for more information.

Leadership: Plot Manager Position

We are seeking an individual to fill the position of   PLOT MANAGER  for the Elk Avenue Garden in 2014. Officially, this is a volunteer position, but we provide training, support, a budget for materials and supplies, and a stipend. It is our hope that with inspired leadership and community involvement, we can revitalize the space and improve the quality of life for the senior residents of Mountain View Apartments an low-income residents.


Please contact us if you are interested in helping make this project successful or DONATE today >        PO Box 323 Gunnison, CO 81230

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